Summer time with your kids can be filled with fun activities that help keep them physically active, but let’s not forget to keep their brain active as well! Summer reading helps children retain the information they learned during the school year and avoid the “summer slide”, or the loss of academic skills during the summertime. The failure to retain academic skills can lead to an overall achievement gap in reading. Keeping your kids reading during the summer can be challenging, but Common Threads is here to help with some great tips! 

Find some good reads

During school, most of the books are required to be read by students. Summer gives you a chance to spruce up your kid’s reading list! Don’t know where to start? We have provided you with a perfect summer reading list for kids of all ages! Scroll down to check out our top picks for summer reading! 

Make reading a fun activity

Reading does not always have to feel like work. It is important to find the right level of reading for your child. The book shouldn’t be so easy that it becomes boring but also not so challenging that your child becomes frustrated. The goal is to have your child view reading as a fun activity!

Bring the book to life

Having your child read aloud or reading along with them helps to bring the story to life. This also helps to improve their vocabulary and gives you a chance to have them critically assess and summarize the events transpiring in the book.  

Create a “Reading Nook”

A reading corner doesn’t have to be fancy, simply setting up some blankets and pillows can make a comfy space for your child to settle in with a good book! Creating a space that your child will feel safe and comfortable in will enrich their reading experience and make them excited to read.

Get in the kitchen

Have your child help out in the kitchen by reading recipes! As your child reads and repeats the ingredient list and instructions, their comprehension skills will increase. Visit to try out some healthy, kid-friendly recipes that will be fun for everyone to make and enjoy.

These simple tips and tricks can help your child develop a positive relationship with reading year-round! To make it even easier for you, Common Threads has developed a complete summer reading list that incorporates books about healthy lifestyle choices, gardening, and foods from different cultures! Try reading these books with your child to experience the important life lessons food teaches, from cultural acceptance to self care. Also check out our program partner, Readers to Eaters for more amazing children’s books for you to try.