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Common Threads is offering FREE online nutrition education and cooking classes for both students and families everywhere! These classes were designed to help both kids and families lead healthier lives by increasing their nutrition knowledge. Click to learn more about our Small Bites program and our Family Cooking Classes available to you below.  

Small Bites

Family Cooking


Small Bites is a healthy snack making class that is now available in an On-Demand format. This program features 8 interactive lessons accessible for at-home learning for Pre-K through Middle school students. Participants will be able to create their own path with our click and play nutrition activities and fun snack making videos. Our goal after each lesson is to prepare students to be able to make their own healthy snacks at home!
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Kitchen Times Article

Downloadable educational articles about nutrition concepts and healthy eating tips.

Interactive Nutrition Videos

Fun, animated educational videos that highlight nutrition concepts covered in each lesson.

Educational Student Worksheets

Download educational worksheets that reinforce the nutrition concepts covered in each lesson.

Cook-Along Recipe Videos

Fun interactive recipe videos, providing step by step directions for kids to follow along and make healthy snacks at home.

Printable Recipe Card

Downloadable recipe cards to match the recipe videos featuring kid-friendly (heat-free) healthy snack recipes.

How to pick the right Small Bites program!

Available now are three Small Bites snack making programs for Pre-K through Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle school students. Each program is designed to be engaging and specifically tailored for each age group. 
Lower Elementary Small Bites:
**Available upon registration.

Click through fun and engaging lessons where students will watch snack making and nutrition videos learning how to create healthy snack at-home! Students can create their own learning with our click and play lessons and download step-by-step picture recipe cards to keep.

Upper Elementary Small Bites:
**Available upon registration.

Jump into interactive lessons where students will complete worksheets, quizzes, and watch snack making videos to create at home! Students can create their own learning with our click and play lessons.

Middle School Small Bites:
**Available upon registration.

Students create their own learning path with our click and play nutrition activities and snack making videos. At the end of each lesson students will be prepared to make their own healthy snack at home!


Common Threads partnered with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to create Small Bites TV episodes which premiered on their KLCS PBS channel.  These videos supported LAUSD’s Wellness Program by combining healthy cooking and physical activity into one episode. Common Threads Chef Instructor, Monti Carlo worked with LAUSD to record nutritional videos that students and families can use as resources to help improve their overall wellness.

Family Cooking Class

Our step-by-step On-Demand Family Cooking Class is made for your entire family to enjoy! This free program is designed for families to learn new culinary skills and nutrition knowledge in a flexible and self-paced online environment. Participants will receive access to an interactive workbook complete with grocery lists, culturally relevant recipes, and culinary and nutrition tips and tricks. Participants are encouraged to purchase the ingredients, and then use the guided videos on the website to cook along with our Chef Instructors. Click the button below to check out the full program now!
*Registration is not required*
Our free courses are available to anyone! Sign up and fill out the short survey before you get started with the Small Bites programs. After signing up you will be directed to our programs portal page where you can select your lessons. You will also receive reminders and updates throughout the program via email.
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Common Threads is offering FREE on-demand (self-paced) Small Bites lessons for PreK-8th grade children all over the country! The lessons are focused on basic nutrition and healthy cooking through simple snack preparation. The lessons feature kid-centric videos, articles, and at-home projects. 

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