Written By: Linda Novick O’Keefe, Common Threads Co-Founder & CEO

Earlier this week, eight people, including six Asian women, were murdered at three different spas in the Atlanta area. This heartbreaking incident was unfortunately another example of senseless violence and discrimination targeted at the Asian American & Pacific Islander community, something that has impacted this community for generations but has become a growing concern in recent months. Our Common Threads family is understandably shaken by these events and stands in solidarity and empathy with the AAPI community. 

As an organization that predominantly reaches communities of color we know racism is a critical public health crisis. Studies have shown that race-based traumatic stress negatively impacts health and life expectancy, and we all must work together to create safer communities.

Many of us feel helpless in situations like these, and we wonder how we can best help. Whether it is raising your own awareness of the issues, donating funds or time, or personally making a commitment to speak out when we witness discrimination, we can all make a difference. As DEI facilitator Richard Butler recently shared with our team in a discussion on anti-racism, to be an anti-racist, we must be first responders. You will see we have shared several resources below, including articles, videos and virtual trainings and events. 

As an organization, Common Threads will continue to raise awareness for social justice, work toward solutions to inspire change, and create safe spaces for children and families in our community. We appreciate our colleagues’ care and commitment to building safe, inclusive communities, and organizations that value and celebrate the world around us. 

AAPI Resources (Report a Hate Crime: Stop AAPI Hate)
Help us build our list of AAPI resources by emailing suggestions to hr@commonthreads.org.

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