Help us spread the word and reach our fundraising goal this summer to provide cooking and nutrition to kids across the nation.


June 1, 2022 – July 31, 2022
Common Threads’ Summer Health fundraising campaign aims to address the issues of nutrition equity, the “summer slide” and children’s overall health and wellness. For many young people, the summer months bring a loss of their most reliable source of daily nutrition. The stress of everyday hunger not only impacts their health, but magnifies the “summer slide” – loss of knowledge gained during the school year. By making a donation or becoming a FUNdraiser during the Summer Health campaign, you can help us bring much needed resources to children and families facing these often misunderstood and overlooked challenges. 


Common Threads provides year-round in-person and virtual cooking and nutrition education with meals and snacks. But, seeing as there is an increased need during the summer, Common Threads is always striving to expand our programming efforts by continuing to partner with summer camps and park programs across the nation to further our reach during these summer months. With increased donations in the summer, we can provide more meals and snacks, raise awareness around nutrition security and help close the nutrition equity gap one child at a time.


Help Common Threads reach more children and their families by donating to the Summer Health campaign. Your donation will mean more nutrition education classes, hands-on cooking, groceries for families, and other resources for a healthy, happy summer! Or even better, become a Fundraiser! Create a customized FUNdraising page to rally your friends in joining you to build healthier children, families and communities. Win fun prizes when you sign up today!


Make a difference today with a one-time or monthly contribution here. 
  • $25 – “Healthy Snacker” Fund groceries for one Small Bites Healthy Snacks lesson
  • $50 – “Little Chef Advocate” Provide cooking supplies for a class of 20 students
  • $100 – “Family Fun-der” Fund groceries for a family cooking class series for up to 4 families that include 2 lessons
  • $250 – “Cooking Leader” Provide cooking equipment for students to use in our hands-on cooking classes
  • $500 – “Menu Champion” Enable the launch of a new menu to be developed in partnership with a local chef to highlight local culture and ingredients


Help us spread the word about Summer Health! Sharing and posting this information just got easier with our Social Media Toolkit. Simply download the image and copy the sample text to post to your platform of choice. Happy posting!


Join the movement to spread awareness about our summer health campaign and food insecurity by participating in our Healthy Snack Off social media challenge.

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Download amazing summer activities and worksheet that your kids and students can do at home or in camp.