Join us today to start planning for a healthy school year now! 

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10+ experts will provide resources and training for educators to support the prioritization of student and teacher physical and emotional health, which has been increasingly stressed due to COVID19, alongside support the on-going focus on academic achievement. Register today for two days of FREE professional development below!

Mindfulness & Mental Health

Movement in the Classroom

Financial Health & Literacy

Nutrition & Culinary Education

Gardening Education

Summit Day 1 

Tuesday, July 13th | 11:00am – 4:30pm CT

  • Mindful Art & SEL Workshop with Kid Grit, LLC @ 11:30am 
  • Networking Lunch with After-School All-Stars @ 12:15pm 
  • Classroom Growing Experiences with Big Green @ 12:45pm 
  • Healthy Teacher Training with Common Threads @ 1:40pm
  • Fostering Health & Wellness with Brighter Bites @ 2:35pm 
  • Movement, Mindfulness & Play with BOKS @ 3:30pm 
**All times listed are in central standard time.

Summit Day 2

Wednesday, July 14th | 9:00am – 2:30pm CT

  • Movement for Mental Health with Alex Stoller @ 9:00am 
  • Teaching Food Education Standards with Pilot Light @ 9:30am 
  • Experiential Food and Garden Education with FRESHFARM FoodPrints @ 10:25am 
  • Mindfulness & Plant Communication with Big Green @ 11:20am 
  • Interactive Lunch with Common Threads @ 12:05pm 
  • Achieving Financial Health Workshop with FLCCT @ 12:40pm 
  • Nourishing Your Body Through Food with Baptist Health @ 1:35pm 

**All times listed are in central standard time.


**Important Note: This training series is designed with your busy schedules and flexibility in mind. Feel free to join your desired presentations at their designated times. You only need to register once to gain access to both days. All attendees will receive a certificate of participation which can be used for continuing education credits as desired.


Through great collaboration, meet all of the experts here to help you develop and better incorporate health and wellness among students, classrooms and educators. 

Caitlin Arens 

Program Manager
Pilot Light

Susan Bandler

Curriculum Developer

Sarah Burns

Program Coordinator Memphis
Big Green

Katie Colvin

Director of Education 
Pilot Light

Evan Davis

Program Coordinator
Big Green

Ally Dedrick

Outreach & Training Manager

Colleen Donahoe

Program Coordinator 
Big Green

Stephanie Folkens

Vice President of Programs 
Common Threads

Stephanie Garses

Executive Assistant
Kid Grit, LLC

Laura Henderson

Program Manager Indianapolis
Big Green

Lauren Hutchison

Regional Coordinator
BOKS Canada

Chantal Kross

Nutrition Education Manager
Common Threads, New York

Kristin Mize

Education & Training Manager
Common Threads

Haliee Moeknke

National Program Operations Manager
After-School All-Stars

Jacqueline Noyola

Program Manager, Nutrition Education
Brighter Bites

Jen Ramsey

Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Ashley Roth

Registered Dietitian 
Common Threads

Tori Schwarzlose

Program Director ASAS North Texas
After-School All-Stars

Alex Stoller

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist 

Lucette Talamas

Registered Dietitian
Baptist Health South Florida

Lourdes Zuniga

Executive Director
Financial Literacy Coalition of Central Texas


Thank you for your support!